Vol 24, No 4

All-sky Guide Star Catalog for CSST

Hui-Mei Feng, Zi-Huang Cao, Man I Lam, Ran Li, Hao Tian, Da-Yi Yin, Yuan-Yu Yang, Xin Zhang, Dong-Wei Fan, Yi-Qiao Dong et al.


The China Space Station Telescope (CSST) is a two-meter space telescope with multiple back-end instruments. The Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) is an essential subsystem of the CSST Precision Image Stability System to ensure the required absolute pointing accuracy and line-of-sight stabilization. In this study, we construct the Main Guide Star Catalog for FGS. To accomplish this, we utilize the information about the FGS and object information from the Gaia Data Release 3. We provide an FGS instrument magnitude and exclude variables, binaries, and high proper motion stars from the catalog to ensure uniform FGS guidance capabilities. Subsequently, we generate a HEALPix index, which provides a hierarchical tessellation of the celestial sphere, and employ the Voronoi algorithm to achieve a homogeneous distribution of stars across the catalog. This distribution ensures adequate coverage and sampling of the sky. The performance of the CSST guide star catalog was assessed by simulating the field of view of the FGS according to the CSST mock survey strategy catalog. The analysis of the results indicates that this catalog provides adequate coverage and accuracy. The catalog's performance meets the FGS requirements, ensuring the functioning of the FGS and its guidance capabilities.


Key words: catalogs – astrometry – instrumentation: detectors

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