Vol 24, No 3

Reflector Deformation Measurement and Correction Methodology of Large Antenna Based on Phased Array Feed

Zan Wang, De-Qing Kong, Hong-Bo Zhang, Yan Su, Xin-Ying Zhu, Cong-Si Wang and Yu-Chen Liu


To solve the problem of time-consuming measurement and correction of large antennas' reflector deformation, a new microwave holography methodology based on a Phased Array Feed (PAF) is proposed. Starting from the known expression of receiving signals in microwave holography, the theory of PAF holography is derived through Geometrical Optics. Reflector deformation, as well as pointing deviation and subreflector offset, can be calculated out by applying the derived equations. A measurement and correction system based on PAF holography is depicted, and two kinds of measurement methods are illustrated. The proposed measurement methodology is verified by numerical simulation, and its measurement error is analyzed. The results indicate that our proposed methodology is feasible, especially for Cassegrain antennas.


Key words: telescopes – methods: analytical – methods: numerical

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