Vol 24, No 3

The Influence of Velocity-dependent Correction Factor on Proton Decay Reactions in Massive White Dwarfs

Jing-Jing Liu and Dong-Mei Liu


Twenty-five typical massive white dwarfs (WDs) are selected and the proton decay reaction catalyzed by magnetic monopoles (MMs) for these WDs is discussed. A velocity-dependent correction factor strongly affects the cross-section. We find that a strong suppression controls the monopole catalysis of nucleon decay by the correction factor. The maximum number of MMs is captured and the luminosity can be 2.235 × 1021 and 1.7859 × 1032erg s−1 (e.g., for the O+Ne core mass WD J055631.17+130639.78). The luminosities of most massive WDs agree well with the observations at relatively low temperatures (e.g., T6 = 0.1), but can be three and two orders of magnitude higher than those of the observations for model (I) and (II) at relatively high temperatures (e.g., T6 = 10), respectively. The luminosities of model (I) are about one order of magnitude higher than those of model (II). Since we consider the effect of the number of MMs captured on the mass–radius relation and the suppression of the proton decay by the correction factor, the study by model (II) may be an improved estimation.


Key words: astroparticle physics – nuclear reactions – nucleosynthesis – abundances – (stars:) white dwarfs

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