Vol 24, No 3

Large-aperture Telescope Tracking Control Based on Time-synchronization Strategy

Yun Li, Yu Ye, Shi-Hai Yang, Ling-Zhe Xu, Jin Xu, Hai Wang, Zhuang-Zhuang Deng, Rui-Qiang Liu, Xiao-Jie Gu and Bo-Zhong Gu


A time-synchronization strategy for packetized transmission of target position about a large-aperture telescope observation control system has been proposed in this study. Compared with the existing telescope tracking strategy, the target position packing and sending strategy based on the time synchronization method proposed in this paper has the advantages of high stability and reliability. First, the telescope tracking observation control method was elaborated in this paper, including the motion pattern during telescope tracking. Then, the strategy for packetizes transmission of target positions based on time-synchronization is established and lists the detailed steps. Finally, the performance of the tracking strategy is verified using the 2.5 m telescope for the simulated uniform speed star and the blind-tracking fixed star HIP 31216, respectively. The test results show that the accuracy root mean square of the tracking strategy proposed in this paper is less than 002 at 30 minutes, and the performance is much better than the design requirement of 03. The most important advantage of this tracking strategy is that the telescope can guarantee normal tracking for a certain period of time even if the hardware or software of the host computer is abnormal.


Key words: miscellaneous – telescopes – methods: observational – methods: analytical

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