Vol 24, No 2

The Impact of Bias Row Noise to Photometric Accuracy: Case Study Based on a Scientific CMOS Detector

Li Shao, Hu Zhan, Chao Liu, Haonan Chi, Qiuyan Luo, Huaipu Mu and Wenzhong Shi


We tested a new model of CMOS detector manufactured by the Gpixel Inc, for potential space astronomical application. In laboratory, we obtain some bias images under the typical application environment. In these bias images, clear random row noise pattern is observed. The row noise also contains some characteristic spatial frequencies. We quantitatively estimated the impact of this feature to photometric measurements, by making simulated images. We compared different bias noise types under strict parameter control. The result shows the row noise will significantly deteriorate the photometric accuracy. It effectively increases the readout noise by a factor of 2–10. However, if it is properly removed, the image quality and photometric accuracy will be significantly improved.


Key words: instrumentation: detectors – methods: statistical – techniques: image processing

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