Vol 24, No 2

The Clumpy Structure of Five Star-bursting Dwarf Galaxies in the MaNGA Survey

Mengting Ju, Jun Yin, Lei Hao, Chenxu Liu, Chao-Wei Tsai, Junfeng Wang, Zhengyi Shao, Shuai Feng and Yu Rong


The star-forming clumps in star-bursting dwarf galaxies provide valuable insights into understanding the evolution of dwarf galaxies. In this paper, we focus on five star-bursting dwarf galaxies featuring off-centered clumps in the Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory survey. Using the stellar population synthesis software Fitting Analysis using Differential evolution Optimization, we obtain the spatially resolved distribution of the star formation history, which allows us to construct the g-band images of the five galaxies at different ages. These images can help us to probe the evolution of the morphological structures of these galaxies. While images of a stellar population older than 1 Gyr are typically smooth, images of a stellar population younger than 1 Gyr reveal significant clumps, including multiple clumps which appear at different locations and even different ages. To study the evolutionary connections of these five galaxies to other dwarf galaxies before their star-forming clumps appear, we construct the images of the stellar populations older than three age nodes, and define them to be the images of the "host" galaxies. We find that the properties such as the central surface brightness and the effective radii of the hosts of the five galaxies are in between those of dwarf ellipticals (dEs) and dwarf irregulars (dIrrs), with two clearly more similar to dEs and one more similar to dIrrs. Among the five galaxies, 8257-3704 is particularly interesting, as it shows a previous starburst event that is not quite visible from its gri image, but only visible from images of the stellar population at a few hundred million years. The star-forming clump associated with this event may have appeared at around 600 Myr ago and disappeared at around 40 Myr ago.


Key words: galaxies: dwarf – galaxies: evolution – galaxies: formation – Galaxy: structure

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