Vol 24, No 2

Free Energy of Anisotropic Strangeon Stars

Shichuan Chen, Yong Gao, Enping Zhou and Renxin Xu


Can pulsar-like compact objects release further huge free energy besides the kinematic energy of rotation? This is actually relevant to the equation of state of cold supra-nuclear matter, which is still under hot debate. Enormous energy is surely needed to understand various observations, such as γ-ray bursts, fast radio bursts and soft γ-ray repeaters. In this paper, the elastic/gravitational free energy of solid strangeon stars is revisited for strangeon stars, with two anisotropic models to calculate in general relativity. It is found that huge free energy (>1046 erg) could be released via starquakes, given an extremely small anisotropy ((pt − pr)/pr ∼ 10−4, with pt/pr the tangential/radial pressure), implying that pulsar-like stars could have great potential of free energy release without extremely strong magnetic fields in the solid strangeon star model.


Key words: (stars:) pulsars: general – methods: numerical – (stars:) gamma-ray bursts: general

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