Vol 24, No 1

Simulation of RFI Cancellation Using Subspace Projection Algorithm for PAF Receiver

Peng Wu, Jian Li and Mao-Zheng Chen


The simulation of radio frequency interference (RFI) cancellation by applying a spatial filtering technique for phased array feed (PAF) is presented. In order to better reflect the characteristics of PAF, a new signal model is to add the coupling coefficient among elements of PAF to the conventional array signal model. Then the subspace projection (SP) algorithm is used to cancel RFI from the correlation matrix of the signal, and finally, the 2D power image is drawn. The power variation of signal-of-interest direction and RFI direction before and after using the SP algorithm is analyzed. The new signal model and simulation strategy can be used to test and verify the beamformer.


Key words: methods: analytical – techniques: radar astronomy – telescopes

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