Vol 24, No 1

Disturbance Observer-based Pointing Control of Leighton Chajnantor Telescope

Weirui Chen and Zheng Wang


Leighton Chajnantor Telescope (LCT), i.e., the former Caltech Submillimeter Observatory telescope, will be refurbished at the new site in Chajnantor Plateau, Chile in 2023. The environment of LCT will change significantly after its relocation, and the telescope will be exposed to large wind disturbances directly because its enclosure will be completely open during observation. The wind disturbance is expected to be a challenge for LCT's pointing control since the existing control method cannot reject this disturbance very well. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a new pointing control method with good capability of disturbance rejection. In this research, a disturbance observer—based composite position controller (DOB-CPC) is designed, in which an H feedback controller is employed to compress the disturbance, and a feedforward linear quadratic regulator is employed to compensate the disturbance precisely based on the estimated disturbance signal. Moreover, a controller switching policy is adopted, which applies the proportional controller to the transient process to achieve a quick response and applies the DOB-CPC to the steady state to achieve a small position error. Numerical experiments are conducted to verify the good performance of the proposed pointing controller (i.e., DOB-CPC) for rejecting the disturbance acting on LCT.


Key words: instrumentation: miscellaneous – methods: analytical – methods: numerical – telescopes

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