Vol 23, No 9

A Catalog and Statistical Analysis for Magnetic Stars

Abdurepqet Rustem, Guo-Liang Lü, Jin-Zhong Liu, Chun-Hua Zhu, Yu Zhang, Dong-Xiang Shen, Yu-Hao Zhang and Xiao-Long He


Magnetic fields are significant in the structure and evolution of stars. We present a comprehensive catalog of 1784 known magnetic stars, detailing their identifications, HD numbers, precise locations, spectral types and averaged quadratic effective magnetic fields among other important information. The group comprises 177 O-type stars, 551 B-type stars, 520 A-type stars, 91 F-type stars, 53 G-type stars, 61 K-type stars, 31 M-type stars and an additional 300 stars whose spectral classification remains indeterminate. Our analysis examines the statistical properties of these magnetic stars. The relative integrated distribution function and number distribution function for all magnetic stars of the same spectral type can be effectively approximated using an exponential function of the averaged quadratic effective magnetic field. The analysis further reveals that A and B-type stars possess the strongest mean magnetic fields, indicating an easier detection of their magnetic fields.


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