Vol 23, No 9

Design, Fabrication and Assembly of the Solar Upper Transition Region Imager (SUTRI)

Zhanshan Wang, Jun Yu, Runze Qi, Chunling He, Zhengxiang Shen, Li Jiang, Weichen Gu, Jiali Wu, Zhe Zhang, Pengfeng Sheng et al.


The Solar Upper Transition Region Imager (SUTRI) focuses on the solar transition region to achieve dynamic imaging observation of the upper transition region. In this paper, we report the optical system design, mechanical design, ultrasmooth mirror manufacture and measurement, EUV multilayer film coating, prelaunch installation and calibration for the SUTRI payload at IPOE, Tongji University. Finally, the SUTRI carried by the SATech-01 satellite was successfully set to launch. All functions of this telescope were normal, and the observation results obtained in orbit were consistent with the design.


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