Vol 23, No 8

Study of the Long-term BVRcIc Photometric Variability of Eight PMS Stars in the Young Open Cluster Trumpler 37

Sunay Ibryamov, Gabriela Zidarova, Evgeni Semkov and Stoyanka Peneva


This paper reports results from our long-term BV(RI)c photometric CCD observations of eight pre-main sequence stars collected from 2008 June to 2022 October. These stars are located in the young open cluster Trumpler 37, in the field of GM Cephei. The observational data indicate that all stars from our study exhibit variability in all-optical passbands, typical for young stars. In this paper, we describe and discuss the photometric behavior of the stars and the possible reasons for their variability. For two of the objects, we identified periodicity in their light variation.


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