Vol 23, No 8

Deep Learning Applications Based on WISE Infrared Data: Classification of Stars, Galaxies and Quasars

Guiyu Zhao, Bo Qiu, A-Li Luo, Xiaoyu Guo, Lin Yao, Kun Wang and Yuanbo Liu


The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has detected hundreds of millions of sources over the entire sky. However, classifying them reliably is a great challenge due to degeneracies in WISE multicolor space and low detection levels in its two longest-wavelength bandpasses. In this paper, the deep learning classification network, IICnet (Infrared Image Classification network), is designed to classify sources from WISE images to achieve a more accurate classification goal. IICnet shows good ability on the feature extraction of the WISE sources. Experiments demonstrate that the classification results of IICnet are superior to some other methods; it has obtained 96.2% accuracy for galaxies, 97.9% accuracy for quasars, and 96.4% accuracy for stars, and the Area Under Curve of the IICnet classifier can reach more than 99%. In addition, the superiority of IICnet in processing infrared images has been demonstrated in the comparisons with VGG16, GoogleNet, ResNet34, MobileNet, EfficientNetV2, and RepVGG-fewer parameters and faster inference. The above proves that IICnet is an effective method to classify infrared sources.


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