Vol 23, No 8

Research on Channelization Techniques of Radio Astronomical Wideband Signal with Oversampled Polyphase Filter Banks

Meng Zhang, Hai-long Zhang, Ya-zhou Zhang, Jie Wang, Shao-cong Guo and Qiao Meng


Digital channelization decomposes a wideband signal into multiple adjacent sub-bands using Parallel Technology. Channelization can effectively reduce the pressure on the radio astronomy digital backends system and make wideband signal processing possible. Aiming at the problems of signal attenuation at sub-band edge, spectral leakage and aliasing encountered in wideband signal channelization, algorithms to reduce the problems are studied. We design a Critically Sampled Polyphase Filter Bank (CS-PFB) based on the Finite Impulse Response digital filter with a Hamming Window and systematically analyze the frequency response characteristics of the CS-PFB. Based on the channelized structure of the CS-PFB, an OverSampled Polyphase Filter Bank (OS-PFB) is designed by data reuse, and the filtering frequency response characteristics of CS-PFB and OS-PFB are compared and analyzed. Using the wideband baseband data generated by the CASPSR (Collaboration for Astronomy Signal processing and electronics research Parkes Swinburne Recorder), we implement sub-band division and 16-band output of these data based on the 2× oversampling OS-PFB, and the problem of spectrum inversion in the sub-bands is corrected. After removing 25% of redundant data in the head and tail of each sub-band, we recombine the sub-bands into a wideband. The wideband signal is almost identical to the original observed signal. Therefore, the experimental results show that the OS-PFB can improve the channel response. For the 400 MHz baseband data of J0437-4715, we compare the pulse profile obtained from the original baseband data with the pulse profile obtained after the channelization and recombination. The phase and amplitude information of the pulse profiles are consistent, which verifies the correctness of our channelization algorithm.


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