Vol 23, No 8

Phased Array Feed Experiments and Galactic H i Observations

B. Liu, H. W. Xi, D. J. Ding, Z. W. Wang, S. H. Yu, Y. Zhu, L. Yu, X. Zhang, J. L. Li, L. J. Liu et al


The Phased Array Feed (PAF) is considered as one of the next generation receivers for radio telescopes, which can significantly enlarge the instantaneous Field-of-View of large aperture single dish radio telescopes and enable more flexible observing configurations. Study efforts on PAF development for radio telescopes have been made for more than two decades and have become more and more applicable. We report the development of an ambient-temperature 19 element L-band PAF system and the experimental results including its far field beam pattern and system temperature measurement, which achieve the expectations. Implementing the aperture array beam-forming method, we demonstrate a wide-field Galactic H i observations in the radio camera mode. The results indicate that this system might be applicable for strong Galactic transient detections. This system could be directly equipped to large telescopes like the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) and FAST array in the future.


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