Vol 23, No 7

An Integrated Structure Analysis Method of Active Surface Antenna by Using the Simplified Actuator

You Ban, Peiyuan Chai, Qian Xu and Shufei Feng


The main surface of a large reflector antenna is composed of thousands of panels, which are inevitably deformed under natural load, leading to a great deterioration of electrical performance of the antenna. The active surface technique is an effective method to compensate antenna deformation error and has been widely used. The actuator is a complex component, it has not been established in the antenna structure analysis model, which limits the theoretical analysis ability of the active surface technology. To solve this problem, an integrated structure analysis method of active surface antenna by using the simplified actuator is proposed. First, according to the supporting characteristics and adjusting function of the actuator, the complex actuator is simplified a simple structure of support beams, support truss and adjustment beam. Second, the finite element model of the active surface antenna including the simplified actuator is established. Then, the relationship between the adjustment value (load) of adjustment beam and the deformation of the antenna structure is deduced, and the integrated analysis method for realizing the active adjustment of panels is established. Finally, the model and adjustment analysis method of the active surface antenna in this paper is applied to an 8 m antenna, and satisfactory structural analysis results are obtained, which shows the effectiveness and universality of the method, and provides a reference for the modeling and adjustment analysis of the active surface antenna.


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