Vol 23, No 7

Evaluation of Coronal and Interplanetary Magnetic Field Extrapolation Using PSP Solar Wind Observation

Yue-Chun Song


Using solar wind observation near PSP perihelions as constraints, we have investigated the parameters in various PFSS model methods. It is found that the interplanetary magnetic field extrapolation with source surface height RSS = 2 Rs is better than that with RSS = 2.5 Rs. HMI and GONG magnetograms show similar performances in the simulation of magnetic field variation, but the former appears to have a slight advantage in reconstruction of intensity while the latter is more adaptable to sparser grids. The finite-difference method of constructing eigenvalue problems for potential fields can achieve similar accuracy as the analytic method and greatly improve the computational efficiency. MHD modeling performs relatively less well in magnetic field prediction, but it is able to provide rich information about solar-terrestrial space.


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