Vol 23, No 5

The Analyses of Globular Cluster Pulsars and Their Detection Efficiency

De-Jiang Yin, Li-Yun Zhang, Bao-Da Li, Ming-Hui Li, Lei Qian and Zhichen Pan


Up to 2022 November, 267 pulsars had been discovered in 36 globular clusters (GCs). In this paper, we present our studies on the distribution of GC pulsar parameters and the detection efficiency. The power law relation between average dispersion measure (\(\overline{\rm DM}\)) and dispersion measure difference (ΔDM) of known pulsars in GCs is \(\rm lg \Delta DM\propto 1.52 lg \overline{DM}\). The sensitivity could be the key to finding more pulsars. As a result, several years after the construction of a large radio telescope facility, the number of known GC pulsars will likely be increased accordingly. We suggest that currently GCs in the southern hemisphere could have higher possibilities for finding new pulsars.


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