Vol 23, No 3

Quality Control of YFOSC Data I. The On-site Quick Analysis System

Jian-Guo Wang, Jin-Ming Bai, Ying-He Zhao, Xiao-Bo Dong, Kai-Xing Lu, Chuan-Jun Wang, Ju-Jia Zhang and Yu-Xin Xin


The Lijiang 2.4 m Telescope (LJT) is one of the most important telescopes for general astronomical observations in China. Yunnan Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (YFOSC) is a widely used instrument mounted on the LJT, which occupies for ∼80% of the observing time of the LJT, and thus instrument health and data quality of the YFOSC are very important for both the telescope maintenance team and users of the LJT. So we develop an automated data analysis system for the quality control (QC) of YFOSC data. This system is also a new function of the observing support of the YFOSC. Based on the system, YFOSC data can be reduced quickly as they are acquired and QC parameters are extracted. Observers can assess the quality of their data and make a possible revision of their observing plan in time. These parameters can also be used to check the health of the YFOSC, which is helpful for the telescope maintenance team to find potential problems. All of these aim at improving the productivity of the LJT.


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