Vol 23, No 3

First Detailed Analysis of a Relatively Deep, Low Mass-ratio Contact Binary: ATO J108.6991+27.8306

Shuo Ma, Jinzhong Liu, Yu Zhang, Guoliang Lü, Ting Wu and Chenyang He


We present the first detailed photometric analysis of ATO J108.6991+27.8306 (hereinafter as J108). The short-period close binary J108 was observed by the Nanshan 1 m Wide Field Telescope of the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory. The obtained BVRI-band light curves were used to determine the photometric solution by using the 2003 version of the Wilson-Devinney code. J108 is a typical deep (f > 50%), low mass ratio (q < 0.25) overcontact binary system with a mass ratio of q = 0.1501 and a fill-out factor of f = 50.1 %, suggesting that it is in the late evolutionary stage of contact binary systems. We found the target to be a W-type W UMa binary and provided evidence for the presence of starspots on both components. From the temperature-luminosity diagram, the main component is the evolved main sequence star with an evolutionary age of about 7.94 Gyr.


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