Vol 23, No 3

Three New Spiral Galaxies with Active Nuclei Producing Double Radio Lobes

X. Y. Gao, Z. S. Yuan, J. L. Han, Z. L. Wen and S. S. Shan


Double radio lobes are generally believed to be produced by active nuclei of elliptical galaxies. However, several double-lobed radio sources have been solidly found to be associated with spiral galaxies. By cross-matching ∼9 × 105 spiral galaxies selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR8 data with the full 1.4 GHz radio source catalogs of NRAO VLA Sky Survey and Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-centimeters, we identify three new spiral galaxies: J0326−0623, J1110+0321 and J1134+3046 that produce double radio lobes, and five double-lobed spirals previously known. By combining the newly discovered and all the other known cases in literature, we confirm the relation that more massive spiral galaxies could produce more powerful radio lobes. We find that most of these spiral galaxies are located in a galaxy group or a poor cluster, in which the environment is denser than in the field, and about half of them are the central brightest galaxies in their parent system. We therefore suggest that the environment is one of the key factors for a spiral to produce double radio lobes.


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