Vol 23, No 2

A Note on the Anti-glitch of Magnetar SGR 1935+2154

H. Tong


The magnetar SGR 1935+2154 is reported to have an anti-glitch, accompanied by fast radio bursts, and transient pulsed radio emission. In the wind braking model, this triplet event tells people that (1) SGR 1935+2154 does not have a strong particle wind and can be approximated by magnetic dipole braking in the persistent state; (2) its anti-glitch is due to an enhanced particle wind, similar to the first anti-glitch in magnetars; (3) its transient pulsed radio emission may be due to a decreasing emission beam during the outburst; (4) the enhanced particle acceleration potential and pulsar death line may not be the dominate factor.


stars: magnetars – (stars:) pulsars: general – (stars:) pulsars: individual (SGR 1935+2154)

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