Vol 23, No 2

Galaxy Interactions in Filaments and Sheets: Effects of the Large-scale Structures Versus the Local Density

Apashanka Das, Biswajit Pandey and Suman Sarkar


Major interactions are known to trigger star formation in galaxies and alter their color. We study the major interactions in filaments and sheets using SDSS data to understand the influence of large-scale environments on galaxy interactions. We identify the galaxies in filaments and sheets using the local dimension and also find the major pairs residing in these environments. The star formation rate (SFR) and color of the interacting galaxies as a function of pair separation are separately analyzed in filaments and sheets. The analysis is repeated for three volume limited samples covering different magnitude ranges. The major pairs residing in the filaments show a significantly higher SFR and bluer color than those residing in the sheets up to the projected pair separation of ∼50 kpc. We observe a complete reversal of this behavior for both the SFR and color of the galaxy pairs having a projected separation larger than 50 kpc. Some earlier studies report that the galaxy pairs align with the filament axis. Such alignment inside filaments indicates anisotropic accretion that may cause these differences. We do not observe these trends in the brighter galaxy samples. The pairs in filaments and sheets from the brighter galaxy samples trace relatively denser regions in these environments. The absence of these trends in the brighter samples may be explained by the dominant effect of the local density over the effects of the large-scale environment.


methods: statistical – methods: data analysis – galaxies: evolution – galaxies: interactions – (cosmology:) large-scale structure of universe

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