Vol 23, No 11

An Update of the Catalog of Radial Velocity Standard Stars from the APOGEE DR17

Qing-Zheng Li, Yang Huang, Xiao-Bo Dong, Jian-Jun Chen and A-Li Luo


We present an updated catalog of 46,753 radial velocity (RV) standard stars selected from the APOGEE DR17. These stars cover the Northern and Southern Hemispheres almost evenly, with 62% being red giants and 38% being main sequence stars. These RV standard stars are stable on a baseline longer than 200 days (with 54% longer than one year and 10% longer than five years) with a median stability better than 215 m s−1. The average number of observations of those stars is 5 and each observation is required to have signal-to-noise ratio greater than 50 and RV measurement error smaller than 500 m s−1. Based on the new APOGEE RV standard star catalog, we have checked the RV zero-points (RVZPs) for current large-scale stellar spectroscopic surveys including RAVE, LAMOST, GALAH and Gaia. By careful analysis, we estimate their mean RVZP to be +0.149 km s−1, +4.574 km s−1 (for LRS), −0.031 km s−1 and +0.014 km s−1, respectively, for the four surveys. In the RAVE, LAMOST (for MRS), GALAH and Gaia surveys, RVZP exhibits a systematic trend with stellar parameters (mainly [Fe/H], Teff, log g, GBP − GRP and GRVS). The corrections to those small but clear RVZPs are of vital importance for these massive spectroscopic surveys in various studies that require extremely high RV accuracies.


Key words: stars: fundamental parameters – (stars:) binaries: general – stars: general – catalogs

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