Vol 23, No 11

Statistical Properties of X-Ray Bursts from SGR J1935+2154 Detected by Insight-HXMT

Wen-Long Zhang, Xiu-Juan Li, Yu-Peng Yang, Shuang-Xi Yi, Cheng-Kui Li, Qing-Wen Tang, Ying Qin and Fa-Yin Wang


As one class of the most important objects in the universe, magnetars can produce a lot of different frequency bursts including X-ray bursts. In Cai et al., 75 X-ray bursts produced by magnetar SGR J1935+2154 during an active period in 2020 are published, including the duration and net photon counts of each burst, and waiting time based on the trigger time difference. In this paper, we utilize the power-law model, , to fit the cumulative distributions of these parameters. It can be found that all the cumulative distributions can be well fitted, which can be interpreted by a self-organizing criticality theory. Furthermore, we check whether this phenomenon still exists in different energy bands and find that there is no obvious evolution. These findings further confirm that the X-ray bursts from magnetars are likely to be generated by some self-organizing critical process, which can be explained by a possible magnetic reconnection scenario in magnetars.


Key words: stars: magnetars – X-rays: bursts – magnetic reconnection

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