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Pulsar Candidate Classification Using a Computer Vision Method from a Combination of Convolution and Attention

Nannan Cai, Jinlin Han, Weicong Jing, Zekai Zhang, Dejiang Zhou and Xue Chen


Artificial intelligence methods are indispensable to identifying pulsars from large amounts of candidates. We develop a new pulsar identification system that utilizes the CoAtNet to score two-dimensional features of candidates, implements a multilayer perceptron to score one-dimensional features, and relies on logistic regression to judge the corresponding scores. In the data preprocessing stage, we perform two feature fusions separately, one for one-dimensional features and the other for two-dimensional features, which are used as inputs for the multilayer perceptron and the CoAtNet respectively. The newly developed system achieves 98.77% recall, 1.07% false positive rate (FPR) and 98.85% accuracy in our GPPS test set.


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