Vol 23, No 1

Searching for Pulsars with Phase Characteristics

Bo Peng, Qian-Chen Hu, Qiang Li, Lei Qian, Xiao-Bo Dong, Shi-Lin Peng and Ze-Lin Wang


We present a method by using the phase characteristics of radio observation data for pulsar search and candidate identification. The phase characteristics are relations between the pulsar signal and the phase correction in the frequency-domain, and we regard it as a new search diagnostic characteristic. Based on the phase characteristics, a search method is presented: calculating dispersion measure (DM)—frequency data to select candidate frequencies, and then confirming of candidates by using the broadband characteristics of pulsar signals. Based on this method, we performed a search test on short observation data of M15 and M71, which were observed by Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope, and some of the Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot survey data. Results show that it can get similar search results to PRESTO (PulsaR Exploration and Search TOolkit) while having a faster processing speed.


methods: data analysis – (stars:) pulsars: general – stars: neutron

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