Vol 22, No 9

Gravitational Deformation Measurement Method for the Main Reflector and Sub-reflector of the 70 m Antenna by Laser Scanner

Lian-Bo Fu, Jian-Jun Liu, Wei Yan, De-Qing Kong, Xin Ren, Chen-Di Liu and Hong-Bo Zhang


Large antennas play an important role in deep space exploration and astronomical research. However, their performances are inevitably affected by the main reflector surface deformation and sub-reflector displacement resulting from the factors of wind, temperature, and gravity, among which the effect of gravity is especially pronounced. In this work, a three-dimensional laser scanner was employed to measure the main reflector and subreflector gravitational deformation of the Tianjin 70 m antenna at different elevation angles. Here, we solved the antenna main reflector deformation and sub-reflector displacement, and analyzed the deformation law of the antenna under the action of gravity. A new measurement method of antenna main reflector deformation and subreflector displacement is realized by mutual verification of the measured results and theoretical simulations. This method will help to improve the antenna performance and provide a reference to optimize the design of largeaperture antennas.


telescopes – techniques: radar astronomy – planets and satellites: detection

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