Vol 22, No 7

The Data Processing of the LAMOST Medium-resolution Spectral Survey of Galactic Nebulae (LAMOST MRS-N Pipeline)

Chao-Jian Wu, Hong Wu, Wei Zhang, Yao Li, Juan-Juan Ren et al.


The Large sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) medium-resolution spectral survey of Galactic Nebulae (MRS-N) has conducted for more than three years since 2018 September and observed more than 190 thousand nebular spectra and 20 thousand stellar spectra. However, there is not yet a data processing pipeline for nebular spectra. To significantly improve the accuracy of nebulae classification and their physical parameters, we developed the MRS-N Pipeline. This article presented in detail each data processing step of the MRS-N Pipeline, such as removing cosmic rays, merging single exposure, fitting sky light emission lines, wavelength recalibration, subtracting skylight, measuring nebular parameters, creating catalogs and packing spectra. Finally, a description of the data products, including nebular spectra files and parameter catalogs, is provided.


surveys – catalogs – methods: data analysis – ISM: general

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