Vol 22, No 6

EAST-Educational Adaptive-optics Solar Telescope

Changhui Rao, Xuejun Rao, Zhimao Du, Hua Bao, Cheng Li, Jinlong Huang, Youming Guo, Libo Zhong, Qing Lin, Xin Ge, Jinsheng Yang, Xinlong Fan, Yangyi Liu, et al.


Abstract For the public having a better understanding of solar activities, the Educational Adaptive-optics Solar Telescope (EAST) was built in July 2021 and is located at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum. The EAST consists of a 65 cm aperture solar telescope with a 177-element adaptive optics system and two-channel high resolution imaging system at the Hα and TiO bands, in addition to three full disk solar telescopes at Ca K, Hα and TiO bands equipped on the tube of the main telescope. In this paper, the configuration of the EAST is described. Its performance and on-sky observational results are presented. The EAST, to our knowledge, is the most advanced solar telescope for the popularization of science in the world. Due to its excellent performance, the data acquired by the EAST can also be used for research on solar physics and space weather prediction.


Keywords instrumentation: adaptive optics – instrumentation: high angular resolution – techniques: high angular resolution – Sun: general

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