Vol 22, No 5

The Simultaneous Three-channel Multicolor CCD Photometric System of the 1.2 m Telescope at Jilin Astronomical Observatory

Bing-Li Niu, Cheng-Zhi Liu, Zhen-Wei Li, Zhe Kang, You Lv


Abstract We will introduce the construction and design of a new simultaneous three-channel multicolor CCD photometer. This photometer has been mounted on the 1.2 m telescope at Jilin Astronomical Observatory, and is applied to study space debris, gamma-ray burst afterglows, asteroids and other rapidly variable objects. As one of the ground follow-up telescopes of the Chinese-French Space-based multi-band astronomical Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM) mission, it appears very essential to evaluate the performance of the photometry system of this photometer, which can achieve simultaneous imaging within a field of view of 21’.5 × 21’.5, 21’.5 × 21’.5 and 21’.3 × 21’.3 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) g′, r′, i′ bands, respectively. Photometric calibrations were carried out by using plenty of SDSS standard stars, and the relationship between the photometric system and the Johnson-Bessel filter system was also studied. The results of the performance evaluation from observing open cluster M67 are presented.


Keywords astronomical instrumentation – photometer – photoelectric photometry

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