Vol 22, No 5

Quasi-periodic Oscillation Analysis for the BL Lacertae Object 1823+568

Huai-Zhen Li, Quan-Gui Gao, Long-Hua Qin, Ting-Feng Yi, Qi-Rui Chen


Abstract We studied the optical band periodic variability of 1823+568 using the Jurkevich method, the Lomb–Scargle periodogram and the REDFIT38 software, and found evidence of quasi-periodic oscillation. An unprecedented variability with period \(P= 283_{- 13}^{+ 17}\) days was identified by three different analysis methods. This quasi-periodic variability most likely results from nonballistic helical jet motion driven by the orbital motion in a binary black hole system. Considering the light-travel time effect, the real physical period is \(P_d = 67.1\) yr. Moreover, we estimated that the primary black hole mass is \(M\simeq 1.92 \times 10^9 M_{\odot}\) to \(3.43 \times 10^9 M_{\odot}\).


Keywords blazars (1823+568) – relativistic jets – non-thermal sources

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