Vol 22, No 4

Explaining the Multiwavelength Emission of Hard-TeV BL Lac Objects Using a Truncated Conical Jet Model

Maichang Lei, Yuan Zheng, Jianfu Zhang, Jiancheng Wang


Abstract Hard-TeV BL Lac objects are newly identified populations of active galactic nuclei with the emitted γ-ray photons well above TeV energies. In this paper, we explain the multiwavelength emission of six Hard-TeV BL Lac objects by using a truncated conical emission region of the jet, where the electron distribution is obtained by numerically solving the evolution equation along the jet self-consistently. For comparison, we also apply the model to Mrk 421 and Mrk 501, which are the potential candidates for the hard TeV emissions. We demonstrate that the model can satisfactorily reproduce the spectral energy distributions of eight sources, particularly of six Hard-TeV sources, where no extreme minimum Lorentz factor of the electron population is required. In contrast with Mrk 421 and Mrk 501, six Hard-TeV sources have rather low magnetization in emitting regions and high cutoff energies of the electron distributions.


Keywords galaxies: active – (galaxies:) BL Lacertae objects: general – radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

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