Vol 22, No 3

Fast Radio Bursts as Crustal Dynamical Events Induced by Magnetic Field Evolution in Young Magnetars

J. E. Horvath, P. H. R. S. Moraes, M. G. B. de Avellar, L. S. Rocha


Abstract We revisit in this work a model for repeating Fast Radio Bursts based of the release of energy provoked by the magnetic field dynamics affecting a magnetar’s crust. We address the basics of such a model by solving the propagation of the perturbation approximately, and quantify the energetics and the radiation by bunches of charges in the so-called charge starved region in the magnetosphere. The (almost) simultaneous emission of newly detected X-rays from SGR 1935+2154 is tentatively associated with a reconnection behind the propagation. The strength of f-mode gravitational radiation excited by the event is quantified, and more detailed studies of the nonlinear (spiky) soliton solutions are suggested.


Keywords stars: magnetars – relativistic processes – radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

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