Vol 22, No 3

Spatial Distribution of HOCN Around Sagittarius B2

Si-Qi Zheng, Juan Li, Jun-Zhi Wang, Feng Gao, Ya-Jun Wu, Shu Liu, Shang-Huo Li


Abstract HOCN and HNCO abundance ratio in molecular gas can tell us the information of their formation mechanism. We performed high-sensitivity mapping observations of HOCN, HNCO, and HNC18O lines around Sagittarius B2 (Sgr B2) with the IRAM 30 m telescope at the 3 mm wavelength. HNCO 404–303 and HOCN 404–303 are used to obtain the abundance ratio of HNCO to HOCN. The ratio of HNCO 404–303 to HNC18O 404–303 is used to calculate the optical depth of HNCO 404–303. The abundance ratio of HOCN and HNCO is observed to range from 0.4% to 0.7% toward most positions, which agrees well with the gas-grain model. However, the relative abundance of HOCN is observed to be enhanced toward the direction of Sgr B2 (S), with HOCN to HNCO abundance ratio of ~0.9%. The reason for that still needs further investigation. Based on the intensity ratio of HNCO and HNC18O lines, we updated the isotopic ratio of 16O/18O to be 296 ± 54 in Sgr B2.


Keywords ISM: abundances – ISM: interstellar clouds – ISM: interstellar molecules

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