Vol 22, No 2

Detection of Gamma-Rays from the Protostellar Jet in the HH 80–81 System

Da-Hai Yan, Jia-Neng Zhou, Peng-Fei Zhang


Abstract Considering that the existence of relativistic particles in the protostellar jet has been confirmed by the detection of linearly polarized radio emission from the HH 80–81 jet, we search for gamma-rays from the HH 80–81 system using ten-year Fermi-LAT observations. A significant point-like γ-ray excess is found in the direction of the HH 80–81 system with the Test-Statistic value >100, which is likely produced in the HH 80–81 jet. The γ-ray spectrum extends only to 1 GeV with a photon index of 3.5. No significant variability is found in the gamma-ray emission. It is discussed that the properties of HH 80–81 jet suffice for producing the observed γ-rays.


Keywords gamma-rays: ISM – ISM: jets and outflows – radiation mechanisms: non-thermal – stars: protostars

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