Vol 22, No 11

HT Lyn and IR Lyn: Two Semi-detached-type Near-contact Binaries with Stable Orbital Period

Zi-Bin Meng, Hong-Wei Wang, Yun-Xia Yu, Ke Hu and Fu-Yuan Xiang


We presented the first photometric and orbital period investigations for two near-contact binaries: HT Lyn and IR Lyn. The light-curves solutions derived from both our ground-based and various surveys’ observations suggested that HT Lyn and IR Lyn are two semi-detached-type near-contact binaries with the secondary and primary components filling the Roche lobe. Combining the eclipse timings derived from several surveys’ data and our observations with those reported in the literature, we modified the orbital periods and revealed that their orbital periods were stable for the last two decades. The absolute physical parameters were well determined by using the empirical relations and the Gaia-distance-based method. Similar to other near-contact binaries, the primary components of HT Lyn and IR Lyn are evolving at the main-sequence stage, while their less-massive secondary components show the over-sized and over-luminosity features and should be more evolved than their primary ones. Combining the stable orbital period with the semi-detached configurations, we infer that the two near-contact binaries may be just located in the critical phase and evolving from the current semi-detached phase to the detached or contact one.


(stars:) binaries (including multiple): close – (stars:) binaries: eclipsing – stars: evolution – stars: individual (HT Lyn, IR Lyn)

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