Vol 22, No 11

Simultaneous Detection of Flare-related Decaying and Decayless Kink Oscillations Using Jerk-aware Motion Magnification

Xiaowei Guo, Bo Liang, Song Feng, Wei Dai and Yunfei Yang


Kink oscillations of coronal loops are often influenced by external events and this results in various changes of the oscillations. Studying the changes can provide valuable information for understanding kink oscillations. Our observation focuses on a flare region acquired by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly on the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft on 2016 March 23. There are a bunch of arched loops and an open loop near the region. However, their oscillations show very low amplitudes. So we used the jerk-aware motion method to magnify the weak oscillations. We found that before the flare onset at 02:59 UT, there were some large loops above the arched loops being raised rapidly. The properties of the weak oscillations show clear changes. On the one hand, the oscillations in the arched loops were decayless initially, but both their amplitude and period increased after 02:30 UT and before the flare onset. Once enhanced, the oscillations decayed with time. On the other hand, the oscillations in the open loop were nearly constant before and after 02:30 UT, but their period increased. This means that the changes in periods and amplitudes of oscillations are likely associated with the loops raised before the flare.


Sun: corona – Sun: oscillations – Sun: flares – waves

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