Vol 22, No 1

The Investigation of the Dynamical Evolution of Extrasolar Three-planetary System GJ 3138

Alexander Perminov, Eduard Kuznetsov


Abstract This article is devoted to studying the dynamical evolution and orbital stability of compact extrasolar threeplanetary system GJ 3138. In this system, all semimajor axes are less than 0.7 au. The modeling of planetary motion is performed using the averaged semi-analytical motion theory of the second order in planetary masses, which the authors construct. Unknown and known with errors orbital elements vary in allowable limits to obtain a set of initial conditions. Each of these initial conditions is applied for the modeling of planetary motion. The assumption about the stability of observed planetary systems allows to eliminate the initial conditions leading to excessive growth of the orbital eccentricities and inclinations and to identify those under which these orbital elements conserve moderate values over the whole modeling interval. Thus, it becomes possible to limit the range of possible values of unknown orbital elements and determine their most probable values in terms of stability.


Keywords Planetary Systems – planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability – planetstar interactions – celestial mechanics

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