Vol 22, No 1

B3 0749+460A: A New Repeat “Changing-look” Active Galactic Nucleus Associated with X-Ray Spectral Slope Variations

J. Wang, W. K. Zheng, D. W. Xu, T. G. Brink, A. V. Filippenko, C. Gao, S. S. Sun, J. Y. Wei


Abstract Here we report an identification of B3 0749+460A as a new double-peaked local “changing-look” active galactic nucleus (CL-AGN) in terms of our multi-epoch spectroscopic analysis. By comparing our new spectra taken in 2021 with the ones taken by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in 2004, BOSS in 2013 and MaNGA in 2016, we reveal type transitions of Seyfert (Sy) 1.9 → Sy1.8 → Sy1.9. In the transitions, the classical broad Hα emission fades away after 2013 and disappears in our 2021 spectrum, although the absence of broad Hβ can be traced back to at least 2016. A follow-up observation in X-rays by the Swift/XRT reveals that (1) the X-ray emission level gradually decreased since 2005; and (2) the X-ray spectrum is soft in the optical “turn-off” state and hard in the “turn-on” state. We argue that the disappearance of the classical broad Hα emission can be likely explained by the disk-wind broad-line-region model, in which the CL phenomenon is sensitive to luminosity in individual AGNs.


Keywords Seyfert – galaxies: nuclei – (galaxies:) quasars: emission lines – (galaxies:) quasars: individual – X-rays: galaxies

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