Vol 22, No 1

Analysis of TESS Field Eclipsing Binary Star V948 Her: A Pulsating or Nonpulsating Star?

F Kahraman Aliçavuş, Ö Ekinci


Abstract Pulsating stars occupy a significant place in the H-R diagram and it was thought that all stars inside the classical instability strip should pulsate. However, recent studies showed that there are many non-pulsating stars located inside the classical instability strip. The existence of these non-pulsating stars is still a mystery. To deeply understand the properties of these non-pulsating and pulsating stars, one needs precise fundamental stellar parameters (e.g. mass). For this purpose, the eclipsing binaries are unique systems. Hence, in this study, we present the TESS data analysis of one candidate pulsating eclipsing binary system, V948 Her. TESS data were used for the binary modeling with the literature radial velocity measurements, and the precise fundamental parameters of the system were obtained. The system’s age was derived as 1 ± 0.24 Gyr. The positions of the binary components in the H-R diagram were examined and the primary component was found inside the δ Scuti instability strip. However, in the frequency analysis of TESS data, we found no significant pulsation frequencies. Only the harmonics of the orbital periods were obtained in the analysis. Therefore, the system was classified as a non-pulsator. V948 Her is an important object to understand the nature of non-pulsating stars inside the δ Scuti instability strip.


Keywords binaries: eclipsing – stars: fundamental parameters – techniques: photometric

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