Vol 22, No 1

Photometric and Spectroscopic Analysis of LBV Candidate J004341.84+411112.0 in M31

A. Sarkisyan, O. Sholukhova, S. Fabrika, A. Valeev, A. Valcheva, P. Nedialkov, A. Tatarnikov


Abstract We study Luminous Blue Variable (LBV) candidate J004341.84+411112.0 in the Andromeda galaxy. We present optical spectra of the object obtained with the 6 m telescope of BTA SAO RAS. The candidate shows typical LBV features in its spectra: broad and strong hydrogen lines and the He I lines with P Cygni profiles. Its remarkable spectral resemblance to the well known LBV P Cygni suggests a common nature of the objects and supports LBV classification of J004341.84+411112.0. We estimate the temperature, reddening, radius and luminosity of the star using its spectral energy distribution. Obtained bolometric luminosity of the candidate (Mbol = −10.41 ± 0.12 mag) is quite similar to those of known LBV stars in the Andromeda galaxy. We analyzed a ten year light curve of the object in R filter. The candidate demonstrates photometric variations of the order of 0.4 mag, with an overall brightness increasing trend ΔR > 0.1 mag. Therewith, the corresponding color variations of the object are fully consistent with LBV behavior when a star become cooler and brighter in the optical spectral range with a nearly constant bolometric luminosity. LBV-type variability of the object, similarity of its spectrum and estimated luminosity to those of known LBVs allow us to classify J004341.84+411112.0 as an LBV.


Keywords stars: early-type – stars: massive – stars: variables: S Doradus – stars: Wolf Rayet – techniques: photometric – techniques: spectroscopic – galaxies: individual

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