Vol 21, No 9

A database of spectral energy distributions of progenitors of core-collapse supernovae

Zhong-Mu Li, Cai-Yan Mao


Abstract This paper presents a database of the spectroscopic- and photometric-spectral energy distributions (spec-SEDs and phot-SEDs respectively) of the progenitors of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe). Both binary- and single-star progenitors are included in the database. The database covers the initial metallicity (Z) range of 0.0001–0.03, mass range of 8–25M⊙, binary mass ratio range of 0–1, and orbital period range of 0.1–10 000 d. The low-resolution spec-SEDs and phot-SEDs of single- and binary-star CCSN progenitors are included in the database. These data can be used for studying the basic parameters, e.g., metallicity, age, and initial and final masses of CCSN progenitors. It can also be used for studying the effects of different factors on the determination of parameters of CCSN progenitors. When the database is utilized for fitting the SEDs of binary-star CCSN progenitors, it is strongly suggested to determine the metallicity and orbital period in advance, but this is not necessary for single-star progenitors.


Keywords (stars:) supernovae: general — astronomical databases — (stars:) binaries: general

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