Vol 21, No 9

Variable stars in the 50BiN open cluster survey. II. NGC 869

Jing Zhuo, Li-Cai Deng, Kun Wang, Chang-Qing Luo, Xiao-Bin Zhang, Cheng-Yuan Li, Chao Liu, Xiao-Dian Chen


Abstract This work presents a time-series photometric variability survey of the young open cluster NGC 869. More than 13 000 CCD frames in the BV filters were collected on 19 nights between 2014 November 6 and 2014 December 24. In a 20′×20′ field centered on the cluster, we detected a total of 28 stars showing photometric variability, 12 of which are new discoveries. The classifications and memberships of the variable stars are discussed according to the behaviors and periods of the light curves as well as their positions on the H-R diagram. These results conclude that 22 variable stars are probable members of the cluster while six other stars belong to the field star population. They are categorized as 18 pulsating variable stars (four β Cep, seven SPB, one β Cep / SPB, four Be stars, and two δ Sct / γ Dor candidates), seven eclipsing binaries (five EA and two EB) and three unknown type stars.


Keywords open clusters and associations: individual (NGC 869) — stars: variables: general

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