Vol 21, No 9

Photometric analysis of two extreme low mass ratio contact binary systems

Surjit S. Wadhwa, Nick F. H. Tothill, Ain Y. DeHorta, Miroslav Miroslav Filipovic


Abstract Multi-band photometry and light curve analysis for two newly recognized contact binary systems, TYC 6995–813–1 and NSVS 13602901, are presented. Both were found to be of extreme low mass ratios 0.11 and 0.17, respectively. The secondary components of both systems show evidence of considerable evolution with elevated densities as well as both luminosity and radii well above their main sequence counterparts. Even in the absence of significant spot activity, at least one of the systems, TYC 6995–813– 1, displays features of magnetic and chromospheric activity. TYC 6995–813–1 is also determined to be a potential merger candidate with its current separation near the theoretical instability separation.


Keywords stars: binaries: eclipsing — stars: evolution — stars: low-mass — techniques: photometric

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