Vol 21, No 8

The first detection of the solar U+III association with an antenna prototype for the future lunar observatory

L. A. Stanislavsky, I. N. Bubnov, A. A. Konovalenko, P. L. Tokarsky, S. N. Yerin


Abstract We report about observations of solar U+III bursts on 2020 June 5 by means of a new active antenna designed to receive radiation in 4–70 MHz. This instrument can serve as a prototype of the ultralong-wavelength radio telescope for observations on the farside of the Moon. Our analysis of experimental data is based on simultaneous records obtained with the antenna arrays GURT and NDA in high frequency and time resolution, e-Callisto network as well as by using the space-based observatories STEREO and WIND. The results from this observational study confirm the model of Reid and Kontar.


Keywords Sun: corona — Sun: radio radiation — methods: data analysis — telescopes

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