Vol 21, No 7

Research on actuator distribution and panels for a radio telescope

Jin-Qing Wang, Zheng-Xiong Sun, Li Fu, Jin-Ling Li, Lin-Feng Yu, Yong-Chen Jiang, Yong-Bin Jiang, Wei Gou, Wei Hu, Rong-Bin Zhao, Qing-Hui Liu, Zhi-Qiang Shen


Abstract Trying to achieve the best surface accuracy control with the fewest actuators, this article mainly studies the distribution of actuators and the method of panel design. The influence of the number of faulty actuators on the accuracy of the surface shape is demonstrated. In addition, the method incorporating a triangular panel, node index and the fitting solution method of a single panel is also given. This method provides a reference for the design and realization of an active surface or a deformable sub-reflector for high performance large aperture radio telescopes.


Keywords radio telescope — triangle panel — method — design

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