Vol 21, No 7

The determination of white dwarf parameters in dwarf novae by optical spectral modeling

Anastasiya Andreevna Dudnik, Arina Alekseevna Mitrofanova, Viacheslav Vladimirovich Shimansky, Nikolay Vladimirovich Borisov, Nail Abdullovich Sakhibullin


Abstract This paper presents the results of a model analysis of optical spectra and determination of the parameters of three individual SU UMa and WZ Sge type dwarf novae. The moderate resolution spectra of TY Psc, FL Psc and V455 And were obtained at the 6-m BTA of the SAO RAS in the low state of these systems with the determination of white dwarf radiation. The theoretical spectra were calculated using the grid models of hydrogen dwarf atmospheres of white dwarfs by varying the parameters (\(T_{\rm eff}\) and log g) to reach the best agreement with the observed ones. We highlight different effects of the parameters on the shape and intensity of the HI lines. Therefore, it is possible to unambiguously determine \(T_{\rm eff}\) and log g from the analysis of observations. The fundamental parameters of white dwarfs (M and R) were found by comparing the parameters of atmospheres with theoretical models of the internal structure. The obtained parameters of the primaries of TY Psc, FL Psc and V455 And are consistent with the average values for SU UMa and WZ Sge systems. As a result, we demonstrate the efficiency of the method for determining the parameters of such systems based on the analysis of a limited set of observed optical spectra.


Keywords techniques: spectroscopic — stars: variables: dwarf novae — stars: individual: TY Psc — stars: individual: FL Psc — stars: individual: V455 And

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