Vol 21, No 7

Nereid’s orbit based on new precise observations

Kai Tang, Hui-Yan Zhang, Yong Yu, Dan Yan, Yin-Dun Mao


Abstract A new orbit of Triton was provided by our previous work, benefitted by new Gaia Data, both in a new precise reduction of charge-coupled device observations and in the planetary ephemeris INPOP19a. In this paper, we provide a new ephemeris for another main Neptunian satellite, Nereid. The orbit is fitted for the newest observations, including 2 075 ground-based observations during the period 1949-2018 and 83 space observations acquired by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989. The dynamical model used here is consistent with that of our previous work. For the ground-based absolute observations of Nereid, the rootmean-square deviations are 0.201′′ in right ascension and 0.189′′ in declination. Finally, a comparison with the HORIZONS ephemeris is made and discussed.


Keywords astrometry — celestial mechanics — ephemerides — planets and satellites: individual (Nereid)

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