Vol 21, No 7

Orbits of 152 globular clusters of the Milky Way galaxy constructed from Gaia DR2

Anisa Talgatovna Bajkova, Vadim Vadimovich Bobylev


Abstract We present orbits and their properties for 152 globular clusters of the Milky Way galaxy obtained using average Gaia DR2 proper motions and other astrometric data from the list of Vasiliev. For orbital integration we have applied the axisymmetric model of the Galactic potential based on the Navarro-FrenkWhite dark halo, and modified by Bajkova & Bobylev utilizing circular velocities of Galactic objects in a wide region of Galactocentric distances (up to 200 kpc) from the Bhattacharjee et al. catalog. Based on the analysis of the obtained orbits, we have modified the composition of the subsystems of globular clusters presented in Massari et al..


Keywords (Galaxy:) globular clusters: general

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